1968 Nissan PL-510

Group 2 Class PRO Rally Car

Driver:     Peter Lahm
Co-driver:  Jimmy Brandt         


        Length:                   4120 mm (162.2")
        Width:                    1560 mm (61.4")
        Height:                   1410 mm (55.5")
        Wheelbase:                2420 mm (95.3")
        Engine:                   4-cylinder, in-line, single
                                  overhead camshaft
        Ignition:                 MSD Crankfire
        Carburetion:              2 X 44 mm Mikuni Solex side drafts
        Power:                    220 BHP @ 6500 RPM
                                  190 FT/LBS @ 5000 RPM
        Transmission:             Nissan 200 SX 5-speed
                                  Locked rear R-180 differential
        Suspension:               Front:  Bilstein 40 mm shocks with
                                          custom adjustable upright,
                                          MacPherson struts with
                                          heavy duty spindles and
                                  Rear:   Bilstein coil-over shocks
        Chassis:                  Seam welded, 20 point roll cage
                                  with gussets, suspension pick-ups
                                  double reinforced with rod ends,
                                  skid plated, front brush bar
        Brakes:                   Front: Kelsey-Hayes 2 piston
                                         calipers with 11"
                                         ventilated rotors
                                  Rear:  Nissan 280 ZX 2 pistion
                                         calipers with 10" solid
        Wheels/Tires:             14 X 6 Panasport wheels
                                  Michelin Special XGT rally tires
        Electrics/Lights:         Custom wiring harness, IPF and
                                  Hella lights

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