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Contact: David E. Eaton, Sr.
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Ogunquit, Maine - After the sudden death of my friend Carl Merrill, I was at a loss like so many other people that had known Carl and loved him so much. It was and still is an honor to be involved in the construction of his web site, and out of respect for Carl and WeeGee Smith, I am happy to release the following announcement for the 1999 Season.

WeeGee Smith, mechanic for Carl over the last four years has bought the Escort and what was left of the Rally Team. He is in the middle of rebuilding the car now. At the moment he has only two events on the calendar.

As a way to show respect of Carl, WeeGee is preparing the Escort to run in the Mt. Washington Hillclimb, June 26-27 1999. This would have been Carlīs tenth year running the hillclimb. The Escort will be left in the same design as Carl ran.

The second event so far that the Escort will run will be in the Maine Summer Rally, July 30-31 1999. WeeGee has made an agreement with 1984 World Champion Stig Blomquist to drive the Escort in Carlīs Home Rally. Stig Blomquist is one of the most respected and well known drivers in the sport, so it seemed only right to ask him to drive Carlīs Escort. The co-driving duties will be taken up by Lance Smith.

To WeeGee this is the only way Carl would have wanted it, they both loved the Escort and the wonderful sport of Rallying. This is the best way that WeeGee could think of to bring more interest to the sport and to say thank you to Carl for the trust he had in him.

For more information or any questions please call WeeGee Smith at 1-207-646-0299.

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