May 11th, 1999

Jim Konkler (612) 892-6417 -
Norm Johnson (612) 870-9503 -
NWJ RallySport
1705 Stevens Ave #103
Minneapolis,MN 55403

NWJ RallySport is Ready to Take on The Bunyan ... Again.

Minneapolis, Minnesota -- With the simple click of a loose connector, the 1985 NWJ RallySport Audi 4000 quattro went from a wiring nightmare to a fully functional rally car. This all happened last Saturday morning, in the South Minneapolis home of NWJ RallySport, at the aptly named Quattros Quattros Everywhere shop.

Norm Johnson, the car's owner and driver, has been chasing gremlins since it's less than grand debut at the 1998 Headwaters Divisional. "We're ready to go", says Johnson, as he made the final connection to the team's new Alpha Pro Rally Computer. "The car has been completely gone through and will finish the rally this year, as long as I don't do anything stupid."

Jim Konkler, the team's Co-Driver and PR Person, is very excited about running this season and has lined up some additional sponsors to be debuted at the Ojibwe Forests/10,000 Lakes/Paul Bunyan's Ride weekend in August. With the addition of the new sponsors, the team may add the Lake Superior ProRally weekend to their schedule.

If you are interested in joining the NWJ RallySport Team as a sponsor, crew member or as a client, please feel free to contact either Jim or Norm. See you at Headwaters!!

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