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May 3, 1998, Morris, Pennsylvania

Team Rally AR Has Good Inaugural Showing In Pennsylvania

The mud of northeastern Pennsylvania set the stage for the first showing of Team Rally AR. The event was the Ski Sawmill Rally Right XI Rally and National Licensing School held just outside Morris, Pennsylvania on May 1st-3rd, 1998.

The newly formed Team Rally AR, consisting of driver Roger Sanderson and co-driver Andrew Miller, demonstrated that with good preparation and a solid team foundation even a new team can compete well against a large field (Rally Right XI saw an entry of more than 40 cars, the largest ever for the event).

A new paint job in team colors (bright yellow and blue) seemed to help the car - a 1990 Hyundai Excel - overcome it family sedan heritage. In commenting on its former appearance, driver Roger Sanderson said enthusiastically, "Itís NOT Black!". The Hyundai ran strong and reliable and placed very well in a class dominated by cars with up to 60 more horsepower.

The result of 4th place in class (just 28 seconds back of the winners) was in no small part due to the driving skill of Roger Sanderson. In fact, one Ski Sawmill driving instructor was quoted during the driving school on Friday as saying, "I canít really find anything to pick on him about". Rogerís twenty-five year association with the sport showed, as his learning curve seemed to go straight up.

It was the first time in the co-drivers seat for Andrew Miller and his first event went without a hitch. As team manager, co-driver, and chief mechanic, Andrew has set about the task of forging a strong team out of strong pieces. "My plan is that with hard work and maybe some sponsorship down the road, we will be serious contenders in the Canadian Association of Rally Sport (CARS) and Ontario Performance Rally Cup (OPRC) Seriesí".

Thanks and congratulations have to go out to the organizers of Ski Sawmill Rally Right XI, as the event was well executed and went flawlessly.

Team Rally ARís next showing will be June 13th at The Rally of the Swift Bear in Orilla, Ontario.

Andrew Miller
Co-Driver/Team Manager
21 Delisle Avenue
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada N2H 6A2
Home: 519-742-8432
Work: 519-893-4510

Roger Sanderson
651 Fern Drive
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2V 1G4
Home: 519-885-2122
Work: 519-888-4567 ext 6184

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