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1998 Lake Superior PRO Rally
Houghton, MichiganOctober 23-24, 1998
THR Entries in Production National Class
Cars:1996 Civic HX CVT #191997 Civic 3 door 'Rallywagon' #77
Drivers:Jay KowalikBryan Hourt
Co-drivers:Mike DunnPete Cardimen
Crew:Michele Kowalik, Megan Cardimen, Joe Hourt

Hourt/Cardimen in the Civic 3-door Missed Winning Production Class by 1 Second!
Kowalik/Dunn in the Civic CVT Coupe Placed 3rd in Production Class after "Pressing on Regardless"

The Scenario:

THR was in contention for the Michelin PRO Rally Production National Championship for Manufacturer and Driver after already clinching the Co-driver Championship. THR needed to win the class and the Donison/Allen Neon to finish 4th for the Driver cup and Neon DNF for the Manufacturer. Therefore THR converted the 3-door Group 2 car into a Production car to greatly improve our odds having two cars in Production. All parts were changed and added to meet Production rules. THR also installed a new engine/mission into the CVT car.

THR's Rally Summary:

At the Finish:

THR's 1998 Michelin SCCA PRO Rally Final Standings:

THR will run the Rally of the Tall Pines in Ontario on November 21. THR is currently leading the Production Sport points for the North American Rally Cup (NARC) which is the Championship for the Canadian Association of Rallysport (CARS) and Michelin SCCA PRO Rally. THR will announce their plans for 1999 with the summary from Tall Pines.

THR needs to thank the following for their continued support:

Honda Motor CompanyTransportation Research Center
Hella Inc.Red Line Oil Inc.
Susquehanna MotorsportsSnap-On Tools
Bender's Race Cars

E-Mail: Team Honda Research

Honda R&D Americas, Inc.21001 State Route 739, Raymond, OH 43026

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