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August 22, 2005
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Irvine, California -- Finishing their first rally is what the team came to Gorman to do. They did exactly that with style. Without getting stuck in several potential sandy areas and without any problems forcing them to stop on stage, they finished 20th out of the 25 cars that completed this tough event. "It worked out great. I started to slowly find the ability of the car while Christine and I acclimated to driving at decent pace with notes. You canít try to push yourself to the max if your car and your co-driver arenít ready and I wouldnít want to overdrive the car with the notes if I wasnít comfortable," said driver Kristopher Marciniak.

The service crew consisted of friends and volunteers. "The crew was awesome! I felt like a movie star every time we came into service!" said Co-Driver Christine Wittish. Ryan Tilder served as Team Manager and John Black was the Service Crew Chief. Cyndi Stivers and Kaiser Chen dug in to help wherever they could. Over the course of 4 service stops they repaired and checked a laundry list of items ranging from air in the tires to re-attaching a loose battery box. "Itís not just the team inside the car, itís the whole team ready for you at service that lets you finish the rally," remarked Kris.

"Gorman served as a great starting point for learning everything you need to do as a co-driver, and for learning notes. I was a little overwhelmed with them at first there were a lot of tight turns and cautions to highlight but with the revised rally format there were really only four sets I needed to go through. I had a great time, and Iím excited about our first rally finish," commented Christine.

The team will have the car back out this weekend for a CRS Rallycross Ďpoints eventí in San Bernadino. "I still want the rallycross championship, and Iím not going to give that away just because I started to stage rally the car." It will continue to be a good test of the Rally Neonís ability on dirt.

Kristopher is a computer technician and support analyst working for the Alteer Corporation in Irvine, CA. Christine is a graduate student at the University of California, Irvine in the field of molecular biology and the lab of Dr. Douglas Wallace.

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