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July 25, 2005
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Robert Amato
Team Motorcycle Factory

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Providence, RI USA -- Codriver Robert Amato teams with Driver Mark Spence and Team Motorcycle Factory for the Maine Forest Rally July 29-30 in Bethel, ME. The Maine Forest Rally challenging with its large rocks consist of 9 stages ranging from = to 13 miles with a total length of 90 stage miles split over two days. "I really love this event it can be so rewarding when things are going well," said Amato. The Maine Forest Rally is the home event for Robert Amato with a Group 2 Podium finish in 2003 and a tough off while attempting to ride out a flat in 2004.

Team MFI along with outstanding assistance from Art Starbird and Wayne Curtis of ASA automotive have rebuilt most of the drive-train, motor, and body after Spence and codriver Jeremy Wimpey tested the stump removal capability of the GTI at Rally New York. Spence and Codriver Jeremy Wimpey were leading group 2 by over four minutes and in the top ten overall just before the crash. Driver, "Pat" Mulleady and codriver, Robert Amato also competed in Rally New York and retired after three stages with engine failure. At that point Amato became a spectator in a race suit. "I watched as they (Spence/Wimpey) went off into a cloud of dust and hit that stump hard. After I found they were OK, Mark (Spence) and I discussed his next event and the possibility of us getting together and so here we are. Mark is very quick with two wheel drive and I am looking forward to competing with him and not against him," Amato said. This wasn't the first time Spence had competed against Amato. Mark Spence gave Driver Preston Stempler and codriver Robert Amato a very close race for first in Group 2 at 2005 Sandhills Sandblast. Without accounting for road points Spence had acquired, only twenty seconds separated the two teams at the finish.

Jay Yargeau will be the Chief Technician for Team MFI making sure that all is in top shape during the race and after Fridays stages in preparation of Saturdays.

Team Motorcycle Factory thanks the efforts of John Buffum, Ted Goddard, and other Maine Forest Rally Organizers and appreciates the challenges that they have overcome with regards to land and road rights to make the Maine Forest Rally happen. The team is excited about the new stages for this year's race..

Follow the teams progress live at car 929

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