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October 11, 2006
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Kristopher Marciniak


Irvine, California -- The Prescott Rally was a fantastic success for the team on many levels. Since Prescott is part of the USRC this year, the team now has a commanding lead in the national stock class championship. Pushing hard for second place in the very competitive regional P-Stock class, the team got a flat on SS12 and was forced to change it on stage. Not discouraged, they continued to push and set an unbelievable 7th fastest time on stage 14, the long 22 mile PerkinsView. Unable to make up all of the time lost, they landed in 3rd for CRS P-Stock, a very strong finish after their problems at the Gorman Ridge Rally.

Driver and Co-Driver: Kris and Christine have been together for a little over three years now. This is their sixth rally together and Kris felt the time was right to pop the question. Limestone canyon is a turnaround stage where teams wait at the end, turn the cars around and run it in the other direction. During the break, Kris pulled a hidden box out of the camera case and completely surprised Christine while she sat in the rally car. “She had no idea what I was up to,” said Kris. “The really cool part was that no one had any idea. Our parents were able to watch that stage and they didn’t know until service that I had asked.”

News of their rally engagement quickly spread and soon the celebration extended into the champagne ceremony. “It was great to share the news so quickly with our rally friends and family there! I am really excited to be engaged. Kris is an awesome guy, and not only picked a beautiful ring, but also an excellent time and place to propose. It was a total surprise!” Christine shared.

The large volunteer crew had lots to keep them busy with the rough roads this year. The team destroyed three rims and lots of bolts needed to be tightened down at every service. Made up of eight people, some of which have helped at many events and some first timers: Brian Driggs, Jake Walters, Kaiser Chen, Kevin Patterson, Vanessa DuLaney, Caleb Boulier, Shawn Threkold, and Chris Rees. Kris commented, “The crew was great. Everything was checked and double checked. We were out on time after every service.”

Even with the rough roads, the Dodge Rally Neon equipped with Bilstein shocks is in great shape for the season finale in Laughlin, NV. The Laughlin International Rally held on November 9-12th will be a first for the team and they are ready for the long stages of the event. For more details about Laughlin, check out:

Kristopher is a recently engaged computer technician and support analyst working for the Alteer Corporation in Irvine, CA. Christine is a recently engaged molecular biology graduate student at the University of California, Irvine in the lab of Dr. Douglas Wallace.

We would like to thank the following for their support!

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