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June 6, 2001
Contact: Eric Burmeister
Burmeister Rallysport
Phone: 313-792-2397


DETROIT, MI -- The Burmeister Rallysport team was well prepared for the mud and clay of Pennsylvania, but, unfortunately, their efforts came up short at the Susquehannock Trail ProRally this weekend. Driver Eric Burmeister and co-driver Rob Dupree were among 90 cars to start the rally and among 39 who did not finish.

"I am so disappointed with myself," said Burmeister. "I really only needed a moderate finish to regain my points lead, but the car was running so well and I pushed a bit too hard." The pair encountered a tight off camber turn that pushed them off into a bank, breaking off the right front suspension.

"We drove the car for another half mile thinking it was just a flat tire, but finally checked it out when we heard nasty noises from the front." explained Eric. "We found a wheel pointing straight out from the fender and decided we couldn't make it to the next service to fix it."

The team gets 2 points for starting the event and that brings their point total to 41, just 3 points behind class leaders Dave White and Jimmy Brandt.

The team were campaigning the Group 2 VW GTI of Art Burmeister and Burmeister Engineering. Art is Eric's father and provided service support for the event.

"This car is a bit faster than my old one," said the younger Burmeister. "I have to thank my dad for letting me use it and thank KC HiLites for coming on board with Burmeister Rallysport for 2001."

The team are looking forward to the next round in Maine next month.

The SCCA ProRally series is a "stage" or "performance" rally series that stretches across the nation. Sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America and televised on SPEEDVISION, this form of motorsport is growing by leaps and bounds in the United States. Competitors race flat out against the clock for hundreds of miles on a course of backroads closed to public usage. A co-driver or navigator tells the driver where every jump, dangerous turn or other obstacle is to the hundredth of a mile.

Watch for the televised Susquehannock Trail ProRally on SPEEDVISION-- Monday, June 25 at 8PM EST.

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