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Septemberl 29, 2007
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Kristopher Marciniak


Irvine, California -- The 20th Annual Prescott Rally, held in beautiful Arizona will be the location where the rallynotes team will start its 11th rally and celebrate their engagement anniversary. This event is by far the team favorite. Great flowing roads and a wonderful southwest backdrop make for a fantastic weekend in the woods. They will be looking for their second USRC Production 2WD win and will be gunning for a top spot in the regional class.

Hopefully getting some of the drama out of the way early, Driver Kristopher Marciniak discovered a much worn center differential pin in the transmission. “This is our backup transmission, and I pulled it out after Prescott in 2005. It wasn’t until yesterday that I discovered the differential pin had been half chewed through by the planet gears. Had I not discovered it ­ well, lets say the rally would have ended very badly.” Check out pictures of the completely worn pin on the team website:

A new name on the rally car! Co-Driver Christine Wittish and Driver Kristopher Marciniak were married on August 11th. The two celebrated with family and friends in New Jersey, a honeymoon in Tahiti, and a second celebration with rally friends in California. The vinyl C. Wittish has been changed over to a C. Marciniak. The two are officially a rally couple.

Kristopher is a recently married computer technician and network engineer working for Nana’s Cookie Company in San Diego, CA. Christine is a recently married molecular biology graduate student at the University of California, Irvine in the lab of Dr. Douglas Wallace.

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