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June 5, 2002
Contact: Mark Utecht
Ph: 651-408-1203

Mayhem Racing take third in Group N at the Susquehanna Trails ProRally.

STACY, MINNESOTA -- STPR 2002 proved to be a great challenge for Mayhem Racing. With the implementation of stage notes, driver Mark Utecht and his veteran co-driver Jeff Secor definitely had their hands full. The practice stage was a good introduction to what was to come. Jeff stated that he was going to be "really busy" in the right hand seat.

Stage 1 went fairly well until the last 150 feet. With absolutely no warning, Mark and Jeff approached the famous creek crossing with a full head of steam only to realize that the previous competitors had stalled their vehicle in the creek. The tow vehicle that was assisting them was blocking a majority of the road. The #83 WRX slipped through what seemed to be an inevitable accident having only folded in the breakaway driver's side mirror. As they approached the finish control, Mark told Jeff, "You know. we 're going to get "talked to" about that." Unbeknownst to them, they received a standing ovation from the spectators for their performance. To make what seemed to be a bad situation worse, both front brake rotors cracked severely from the water splash at the creek. The crew was able to get the rotors replaced and the car refueled during the short 15 minute service immediately following Stage 1.

The mid-day break brought the rally back to the town square where it started earlier that day. Jeff returned to the team with some disappointing news. After having compiled the times from the other competitors in Group N, Mayhem Racing was sitting in 9th place for the class.

The early evening service at Germania brought excitement all its own. Mark and Jeff had returned after a serious "off". The WRX had collided with a culvert. Mark was certain that the right front corner had sustained serious damage. Luckily, cracks in the front bumper cover and rocks jammed in the outside bead of the right front tire were the only problems. A special thanks to our friends at AV Sport for the tire service they performed that allowed us to continue using that tire.

"This is the fastest rally I have ever driven in. The use of stage notes as opposed to Tulip diagram course note provides you so much more information about what is coming up on the stage that you don't have to rely on reading the road as much as you do with Tulips. The trick is to trust the stage notes. More than once Jeff told me that a corner was flat out but I didn't trust it. This weekend's event was definitely a learning experience. I look forward to the challenge at future events!" - Mark Utecht

Mayhem Racing's next event is the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb located in Colorado Springs, CO at the end of June.

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