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June 6, 2000
Contact: Matthew Kennedy,
3 Stooges Racing
Tel: 802-257-0458

3 Stooges Racing Beats 55 Rally Teams at STPR

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania -- While 38 of the original 80 Starters fell by the way-side, the Steve Moyer Subaru, KAM Specialties sponsored Subaru Impreza of 3 Stooges Racing performed flawless en route to the team's 25th place finish overall at the 2000 Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally (STPR) this past weekend. 3 Stooges Racing beat the 26th place team by only 11 seconds, a very small margin considering the entire event lasted almost 14 hours, and finished 4th in class and 3rd out of 10 finishers in their seed.

The rally started out with a bit of a whimper when the event's signature stage, Stage 1 which ends with a creek crossing, was cancelled due to a high water level caused by previous rains. "It actually worked out for the better," said navigator Keith Kennedy, "you can't win the rally on the first stage, but with the water crossing you can certainly loose it and do some serious (engine) damage to the car." Driver Don Kennedy also added that "not having to worry about the water crossing takes a little stress out of what is already challenging event, especially since this is our first ProRally with the car."

The event went very smoothly, with the team having only one hair-raising moment on stage. At one point when the car crested a hill and the trees opened up the team found themselves blinded by the sun shinning directly in their faces, making it impossible to see where they were going. Even though the route instructions told them basically where the road went, seeing is still believing. After a few tense moments the team made it through the fast approaching corner and was on their way to a trouble free evening.

For detailed results and information see the STPR web site at The next event for the team is the Pagoda hill climb in Reading, PA June 24-25; followed by the Maine Forest Rally in Rumford, Maine, July 28-29. Watch for photos and the 3 Stooges Racing web site soon to come.

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