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June 19, 2000
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The Look of the Motor Sports Unlimited Porsche

Seattle, Washington -- While viewing the beautiful rally cars at SCCA ProRally events, many people have inquired about the color scheme of the Motor Sports Unlimited Porsche 911 Rally Car. There is a 30 year history behind the look of the car.

In 1970 there was a car that was being prepared for Tour de France by a man named Gerard Larrousse. He told the Porsche factory engineers, who were working on the car, that for every kilo taken off of the car below the 800 kilo (1763.5 lbs) mark they would be generously rewarded. He would personally give them each a bottle of his finest champagne from his exotic cellars. The car ended up weighing 789 kilo's (1739.5 lbs) once they were done drilling and extracting all unimportant elements of the car. Each of the men took home a marvelous 11 bottles of champagne. The car was originally homologated at 840 kilo (1852 lbs) which in and of itself is an amazingly light weight.

When Dennis decided to build the 1973 car, that is run in Production class, he wanted to authenticate the car further by giving it a retro look. In perusing his library of Porsche books, he found the picture of this particular car and the decision was made instantaneously. The lines were clean and distinctive. Immediately recognizable. He remembered that this graphic design had been used on several cars in that era with slight modifications including that of a 1972 entry for the 24 hours of Le Mans. Dennis knew that his car was humorously heavy compared to the lightest car ever built. The Motor Sports Unlimited Porsche weighs in at a hefty 1157 kilos (or 2552 pounds).

Mike French, owner of Airbrushing Unlimited in Westlake, CA, was given this project with only a black and white front three quarter angle picture to work from. He took his imagination around to the back of the car and the results were amazingly similar. "We love the look of this car," says Dennis, "Claire and I wanted to have a truly nostalgic and vintage looking car that would be competitive with the later model cars of today's ProRally."

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For more information regarding the Motor Sports Unlimited Racing Team, please contact:
Dennis or Claire Chizma
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