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March 3, 2003
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JK Motorsports Rally Team Finishes Rallye International de Quebec

Quebec City, Quebec -- The JK Motorsports Rally Team has Completed the first day of the Rallye International de Quebec, finishing in 15th place overall and 7th in open class.

Saturday's action saw four forest stages and two Spectator stages run at Quebec City's Hippodrome Race track. Temperatures in the mid minus teens kept the roads frozen and the snow pack hard. Sunday's roads featured a fresh snowfall which made the Sunday Spectator stage in an industrial park a great show and a challenge for the drivers.

Komorowski's event started off with a flat in the first half of the first stage came to a competitive end early. Beyond the time lost changing the tire in the stage, Komorowski also stopped to pull out 4 cars from the ditch. In all the JK Motorsports crew lost about 10 minutes in the first stage.

Driver Janusz Komorowski of Calgary Alberta, was pleased with the results considering the problems he ran into. "The weekend was fun, lots of adventure and lots of flat tires." Komorowski said. "Three or four tires we blew this weekend. It seemed like on every real stage we had a flat or some type of problem. I'm satisfied with the weekend and hope the next winter rally is going to be more successful."

The next event for Komorowski is the western regional Cochrane 100 years Rally on March 23rd, followed by the 3rd event in the national series the Bighorn Rally in Edson Alberta on the May long weekend.

"I hope to use the full potential of this car, being lots of power and a good suspension and potentially end up in the top five." Said Komorowski, looking ahead to the next events.

Co-driver Malcolm Swann of Stratford PEI was pleased with learning and advancements made in the weekend's efforts.

"We'd definitely like yesterday back again," Swann said, referring to a day that started with loosing 10 minutes in the first stage.

Swann added that the he saw a big change in Komorowski over the weekend. "It's a totally different driver we're dealing with right now than what started the rally," he said, adding that Janusz's confidence in the tires and the car grew with every stage.

Part of the sport is helping people when you can, and Swann figures that spending the time on this event to get the four cars out was a good investment.

"There's three people that are finishing today because we pulled them out," Swann said, "and they're finishing ahead of us. But in this game what goes around comes around."

"I can hardly wait to do some more event,." Swann added enthusiastically. "Halfway through the long stages I know I started chuckling to myself because I was enjoying the ride so much."

As of 7:30 pm local The Rallye International de Quebec was won by Pat Richard in his Group N Subaru in 2:21:39.2 and Komorowski's open class was won by Paul Chonier of the US Based Hyundai Rally team in 2:24:47.7. Andrew Comrie-Picard in a privately run Mitsubishi finished third overall and second in open class in 2:24:50.7. Komorowski finished in 2:59:00.6. Official results can be found at

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