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September 26, 2005
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Irvine, California -- Still fresh from their first outing in Gorman Ridge, where the team finished without incident 20th overall, they head east to beautiful and scenic Arizona, for the 18th annual running of The Prescott Rally presented by Scott Roofing. The smooth roads and fantastic views have enticed the team to make the 400 mile journey. "I am really excited about this one. I’m no longer worried about the strength of the car. Gorman was a tough test," said driver Kristopher Marciniak.

The survivability of the suspension and specifically the dozens of bushings on the car will be helped this time with factory support from Energy Suspension. Located in San Juan Capistrano, their engineering team has offered its services and installed a new set of HyperFlex components on the Dodge Rally Neon. The team will continue its work building speed and confidence in the car. "I’ve watched the in-car video of Gorman a thousand times!" joked Kris. "After the final service I really took it easy. The skidplate was pushed up and touching the oil pan, the stages were starting to suffer from a full day of rally abuse, and the goal was to finish. At Prescott I want to turn up the speed. We’re going to have some fun out there."

Because of the distance to the event, the local crew will not be able to attend. The guys at (an Arizona based car club) will be servicing the Neon in Prescott. "This was a big concern for us that was taken care of early," said Kris. "Kaiser Chen, one of our crew members from Gorman went out and got us the help we needed in Arizona, when he knew he couldn’t go himself. That was awesome!"

Co-Driver Christine Wittish talks about her excitement for The Prescott Rally. "On our trip across the country last year we fell in love with the scenery and beauty of Arizona. Sedona, Jerome, Prescott - such beautiful country. I am looking forward to making another trip out there, especially one where we get to rally. I want to sharpen my note-reading so we can improve our stage speeds, one of our goals for this event."

The Dodge Neon is driven by Kristopher Marciniak and co-driven by Christine Wittish. Kristopher is originally from New Hampshire and has a background in ice racing, autocross, and rallycross. Christine is originally from New Jersey and has competed in several ‘time speed distance’ rallies. They both completed the California Rally Series Rally School, and are currently 2nd in class in the CRS Rallycross Championship.

Kristopher is a computer technician and support analyst working for the Alteer Corporation in Irvine, CA. Christine is a graduate student at the University of California, Irvine in the field of molecular biology and the lab of Dr. Douglas Wallace.

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