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November 6, 2002
Contact: Marty Allen

Urgent Notice To all American Rally Fans and Competitors

North Andover, Massachusetts -- As the Rally season comes to a close, I believe a certain group of people need to be commended on a particularly good job. What we have seen with this season's coverage of both the WRC and SCCA Pro Rally has been absolutely superb. As many of us have been worried about the fact that Speed TV will be predominantly NASCAR in the near future, now is the time to tell them that you want more rallying. This morning, I spoke with the producer of WRC for Speed TV. I was informed that they may have to cut back on Rally coverage due to low ratings. With this, Speed TV suggested a 2 hour show to air 1 week after the event. Although, they also suggested moving the time slot forward to 8 pm so they can possibly gain more viewers.

With the recent visit of Nicky Grist to the WRC television coverage, the program has taken another leap forward with an exciting and new view to this sport. Perhaps next season (with your input to Speed TV) we can have Nicky Grist coverage all season and perhaps get to see him on screen here in the United States and maybe even at our own SCCA rallies. If people can take just a quick moment of time and email the producers of Speed TV and let them know that they're doing a great job, and that you would like more Nicky Grist commentary, more WRC coverage, and more SCCA Pro Rally, we can continue to enjoy the sport we all enjoy so much.

Please send all your comments to the following address.

This address is monitored daily by everyone from the top execs. at Speed TV to the program producers. Your comments really do matter!! If we don't show them feedback we will lose rallying on TV!

Guys and Gals pass this on and post it where ever you can.......You WON'T be stricken with bad luck or anything , but it is very important
-Thanks, Marty


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