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January 6, 2002
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Lauchlin O'Sullivan Joins Rhys Millen Racing

Los Angeles, California -- The Widget Rally Team, known as "partners in speed on the performance rally circuit," announced today their most significant partnership yet. Widget driver Lauchlin O'Sullivan, fresh from his PGT victory at the Ramada Express International Rally last December, has signed on with Rhys Millen Racing, a factory-backed rally team campaigning a pair of Mitsubishi Lancers. Millen will continue to race a Lancer Evolution in the SCCA's Open class, while O'Sullivan's car will be a two wheel drive Lancer running in the Group 2 category.

Last October at the Lake Superior Pro Rally in Houghton, Michigan, O'Sullivan switched seats for a race to co-drive for Millen. The partnership helped cement their relationship and introduced Lauchlin to the rest of Millen's team in a working environment.

"We've been building a relationship with Mitsubishi for some time," noted Widget co-driver John Dillon. "Lauchlin has a strong desire to campaign a Mitsubishi Evo. This new partnership will help him get one step closer to that goal." The Widget Rally Team has campaigned a Mitsubishi Eclipse since they went independent last August. Prior to that they raced an Eclipse with another team since early 2000.

"We've got to hit the ground running," noted O'Sullivan. "Our first event is only a couple of weeks away and I've not even seen the new car yet!" O'Sullivan's co-driver with RMR will be Matt Chester of Leadville, Colorado.

Meanwhile, Dillon has received several offers to navigate on the National circuit for other drivers. Widget will make an announcement prior the Cherokee Trails International Rally scheduled for March 2002. "Since Lauchlin and I first worked together back in '99, I've worked with him to secure a proper ride. A guy with Lauchlin's talent needs a well funded effort behind him," said the co-driver. "He's displayed amazing driving skills and achieved outstanding results even though he's always raced an old car. Now that he's getting a new Lancer I expect even greater things from him."

As with O'Sullivan and Dillon, the third partner of the Widget Rally Team, crew chief Tom Laeng, has been in discussion with several other teams. "It has been my goal to make rallying my profession instead of my hobby, so we're talking about supporting several other racers from our shop."

Thanks to Laeng's efforts, the Widget Rally Team won the last three races it entered, including an overall victory at the Treeline Rally in November. "Tom's preparation of the car has been outstanding," praised O'Sullivan. "He and the rest of the crew gave us a solid, reliable car that held up to the punishing roads of Prescott, the twisty turns of Treeline, and the fast open sections of Laughlin."

All three principals of the Widget Rally Team agree that the "partners in speed" nature of the team means they can continue to work together even as they work with other rallyists. Dillon observed that "Widget has partnered with a lot of great racers over the years, with victories in a variety of classes. We expect that trend to continue."

"I look forward to racing the new Lancer," said O'Sullivan. "2002 promises to be an exciting season." The Widget Rally Team is supported by Porterfield Enterprises, Clutch Masters, Berdoo Trans and Auto Body, Fleet Glass, Gwendolyn Laeng Massage Therapy, Shults Dot Com, and Wallyworld Designs.

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