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January 17, 2001
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Indianapolis, Indiana -- Rev2/TuneTech driver Mike Hurst and co-driver Rob Bohn have more than just a challenging course ahead of them at this year's Sno-Drift, the first round of the 2001 SCCA ProRally Group 5 Championship. They have a score to settle with the event, held in Atlanta Michigan, January 26-28.

Last year, Mike and Rob led the Group 5 battle in the typically slick conditions, against strong competition, only to be halted mid-way in the event by a shunt into a snowbank. The two minutes spent getting the car back on track dropped them out of the lead. They mounted a stellar charge, which put them back into contention near the front of the class, finishing a scant 2.4 seconds away from a class win. This finish marked the second time for an "off" and near win in the #82 Pontiac Sunbird Turbo. The first time this happened was in 1997. Mike laments, "This car is so superior to other 2wd cars on ice and snow, it's nerve-wracking. In the past, we've opened up big leads, but I lost my concentration because I wasn't pressing hard. In a way, it's similar to Schumacher's spin at the USGP last year."

Mike and Rob are returning to Atlanta, Michigan with that same Pontiac Sunbird Turbo, which is best suited to the snow and icy conditions that Sno-Drift offers. "This car was built from the ground-up as a snow and ice racer. The low-rate springs, locked differential, automatic transmission, wide/flat powerband and high front weight bias all contribute to the excellent balance of the car," states Mike.

The Team plans to run the remainder of the season in their Ford Mustang, which won in its debut at the 2000 Black River Stages Rally and finished strong at LSPR. Maintenance is currently under way on the Mustang, swapping out the stock powerplant for a more powerful, 6 litre, SVO engine. "We feel that the Mustang has a very broad-based appeal and is one of the most marketable entries on the ProRally circuit. The level of aftermarket support for the Mustang is without equal. The Mustang is always a crowd sounds like a Winston Cup car set loose in the woods," says Mike. "While not the ideal vehicle for all rally stages, there are some conditions where the car's incredible power advantage will really show through. In fact, we are not willing to disclose the results of our dyno testing."

This season also marks the addition of a new associate sponsor for the Rev2/TuneTech Rally Team. - Motorsport Classifieds has come on board for the 2001 challenge in Group 5 competition. is your premier classified web source to buy or sell, used and new, racecars, parts, tools and equipment. This new site is dedicated to serving the professional and amateur motorsports community by offering classified categories for all forms of racing.

Rev2/TuneTech Rally Team consistently turns the fastest 2WD times in all Sno-Drift stages.
TuneTech is now on the web at
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1982 Northern Lights - First Rally
1993, 94, 95 Central Division Rally Champion (Nissan 200SX)
1994 Sand Hills - First-ever Group 2 Winner
1994 3rd in Group 2 National Points Standings
1995 5th overall at Ojibwe, 3rd overall at Lake Superior, 10th in National Championship Points
1996 3rd in Group 5 National Points Standings
1995-6 Rallied front drive, all wheel drive, front engine/rear drive, rear engine/rear drive, all competitively within a 12 month span
1998 2nd in Group 5 National Points
1999 Scored 4 class victories in Divisional rallies, Won Group 5 decisively at the final National event of the year
2000 Runner-up in Group 5 Club Rally National Championship

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