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October 5, 1999

Primitive Racing USX knocked out of rally by damaged crank position sensor.

Prescott, AZ --The Primitive Racing USX suffered a right rear strut failure on the opening SuperStage of the event. The leaking LEDA strut broke on Stage 2 and was a mangled mess by the end of Stage 3. At service the strut was replaced with a stock unit and the Primitive Team went on to take the second fastest time overall on Stage 4 and moved into the top 5 positions overall. Then while still running very fast on Stage 5, the crank position sensor was damaged leaving the car with no spark. Hopes of another great finish faded as team driver Eklund and co-driver Jameson worked unsuccessfully to get the sensor to function again.

"I did my best to 'McGyver' the sensor, but no amount of bubble gum and paper clips could get it working again," says Eklund refering to his attempts to fix the unit in the field.

The USX was a crowd favorite at the SuperStage and posted one of the top times despite the leaking strut. Eklund had hoped to move up from his 8th overall position in the points despite only attending 2 of the previous 7 National events.

"We are looking for a full season next year," claims Eklund, "with some new sponsors like Morries Subaru and a number of changes over the winter like a 300+hp stage 3 motor and new suspension setup." The support vehicle will also get some attention like a new generator, more work lights and tire racks. The team plans to win the year 2000 SCCA National ProRally Championship with good solid results at every event.

"We have missed so many opportunities just because we couldn't get to an event," laments Eklund, "so we will be creating some new opportunities of our own."

This release is short due to the fact that the Team is travelling to Ireland and England tomorrow to visit friends, suppliers, and to watch Prescott Forest Rally winner Noel Lawler compete in the Donegal Harvest Rally in a Group A Impreza.

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