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May 5, 2003
Contact: Bill Westhead

RSport Rally, Knight Motorsports Inc. RIM Rap-Up

Palmdale, CALIFORNIA -- Knight Motorsports Inc. driver Scott Trinder and co-driver/father Robert Trinder stopped by a $10.00 part on the Rim of the World Pro Rally.

This year saw the most extreme weather at RIM since the early 70's. Monsoon rain, blowing wind over 60mph and fog greeted the drivers for the Friday night stages.

On stages 1-3 the Trinder's window wipers would stop completely. "We had to physically get out of the car and reef on the wiper motor gear mechanism between stages to get them going again and hope they would last for the next stage" says Scott.

On stage 4 an 8mile tarmac stage the Trinder's wipers failed completely within a half a mile of the start. Judging corners became a guessing game in the extreem conditions and eventually the inevitable happened. "We could hardly see the road, we were going very slow but simply did not see a corner until it was to late, we drove over a berm and got high centered in the deep mud" says Scott. The car was not damaged in the incident. "The stage was cancelled because of another reason and if we were able to free the car we would have been able to continue. It was a real shame as the last we heard we were up to 6th place inspite of our problems" says Bob.

The team would like to send out a very big thank you to the driver of the Land Rover and his family for helping to pull the car back onto the road.

RSport Rally, Knight Motorsports Inc. would also like to thank Dragon Optical for their tremendous support at this year's event.

Next event for the team is TBA. For more information on rallying log onto:


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