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Seattle, Washington, October 19, 1998 -

It's hard to believe, but Team R3 with a rally lite car, is in contention for a divisional placement in U2.

With the last race of the season here, Team R3's driver, Mark Wilkie, is trailing third place Todd Hartmann by only 19 points. Co-driver Brian Fradenburg is currently in thrid place, trailing second place holder, Kirk Knestis, by 19 points as well.

"What we are hoping for is a strong finish in both events," says Mark Wilkie. He goes on to say, "Hopefully, this tired car will stay together long enough to end our rookie season on a strong note." Of course, he fails to mention the fact that he must also keep the car on the road.

Team R3 hopes to put together a strong enough sponsor base to put together a new car for the 1999 season. "We feel that we have a good chance, given our strong finish record, to put together an attractive promotional plan for potential sponsors," says Darrin Hansen.

Team R3 will be running the last two events of the season, the Shitepoke and Dryad Quest. These will be held in Shelton Washington October 31st and November 1st.

For more information, please contact teamr3@bigfoot.com
Web: http://www.teamr3.ml.org/rallymain

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