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May 1, 2002
Contact: Josh Westhoven
PH: (614) 657-3944

Team RallyVW Goes Hollywood

MARRYSVILLE, OHIO -- Team RallyVW is heading West this week to compete in the Rim of the World ProRally in Palmdale, California- just North of Hollywood. This will be the team's first time at the event, which originated in the 1970s and is in its 19th consecutive running. Rim is run primarily in the Angeles National Forest, which is known for its rough, twisty roads and ample "exposures" (otherwise known as cliffs).

John Hamilton, driver and team owner, is currently tied for first place in Production class with Jeff Field and his Celica GTS. Field is also expected to compete at Rim, ensuring an exciting event as the two duke it out for top honors. Both drivers must fight for points, yet preserve their cars for the next event, STPR, which is four weeks and 2500 miles away.

Josh Westhoven will be taking a turn in the co-driver's seat of RallyVW's Volkswagen Golf TDI. This will be his first competitive ride in the Golf, which was formerly his daily driver. Ken Sabo will be back for STPR. The service crew for this event will include Mike Jackson, Ann Froschauer, Patrick Jackson and Eric Smith.

The MotorsportVortex liveried Golf TDI, which is the only diesel currently competing in the ProRally series, runs on an environmentally friendly Soylect Biodiesel blend supplied by McWherter Petroleum. Made from domestically grown soybeans that reduce both harmful emissions and dependency on foreign oil, biodiesel also fuels RallyVW's new service truck. The team is also receiving support from two new sponsors for Rim of the World, AV Lubricants, Inc. and

Performance Rally takes place on real roads, usually dirt, gravel, or two-tracks in forested areas. The terrain can change quickly. The winding roads are peppered with washouts, large rocks, tight turns, and jumps. The driver relies heavily on the co-driver, who reads instructions and maintains mileage calculations while the driver is pushing the car to impossibly fast speeds through the woods and fields.

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