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August 10, 2005
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Bethel Maine -- The Grass Valley California based Jagged Edge Motorsports team of driver Sans Thompson and Co-driver Craig Marr score their second Production Class win in a row in the Rally America U.S. National Championship. The rally race took place in the large skiing and tourist area of Bethel/Rumford Maine

. "This was a fun race weekend for the team" says driver Sans Thompson " nobody really stepped up to the Production class competition plate so it became a race of pushing hard enough to not make big mistakes and not pushing so hard that we damaged the car and didn't finish. It can be difficult to find the proper pace because it isn't necessarily about going a little slower, because it isn't, its just about doing it a little different and not taking any unnecessary chances. Its not that there wasn't some drama, there always is but there wasn't anything major, just enough to keep it interesting".

"This Dodge Neon is just great" continues Sans, " I dont think we can ask anymore of it. We have balanced it so it is perfect for me, the suspension we are using is the best I have ever had, and it seems to have enough power. Its just fun to drive, I'm really enjoying myself this year so far".

This win keeps the team in the lead for the National Championship. "With this win" says Co-driver Craig Marr " we have given ourselves a cushion going into the last 3 races, its a comfortable place to be in at this point in the season"

Tom Laeng of Laeng Works from Hesperia California returned as Crew Chief after missing out on the win at Pikes Peak. "I really like Tom working on the car" says Sans, "I don't worry about things and its a bit special in that Tom has been to Maine several times as a Crew Chief and never won it, I'm glad we could do that for him". The next race will be in Bemidji, Minnesota August 28-30 for the Objibwy Forest Rally.

Jagged Edge Motorsport thanks for their help in sorting out the braking problems. For your braking issues and pads contact

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