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June 17, 2003
Contact: Scott Trinder

RSport Rally wins P4 at the Pacific Forest National Rally

Merritt, British Columbia -- RSport Rally driver Bob (Twiz) Trinder and navigator Andy White ran the teams Production 4 Subaru Impreza at last weekends Pacific Forest Rally. The pair won their class (P4) in the Western Canadian, and Canadian National Rally Championships, finishing the National rally 5th overall.

Pacific Forest was based out of Merritt, BC on June 13/14th, 2003. It was the first National Rally to take place in BC since the 70's.

The win didnt come easily, because of CARS insistence on seeding regulations, based on Canadian National points with no consideration to other results or ability the team started well down the start list.

"On the first stage we caught the next car within a couple of miles and in the blinding dust we didnt see a rock that had been pulled out onto the track and the inevitable impact punctured the tire and pushed the wheel back a couple of inches," says Bob.

Nursing the car back to service where no spare parts were available left the team with no option but to leave the wheel where it was and with the help of a "delicate" sledge hammer modify the body to suite!! The front wheel had been pushed back as the control arm was bent during the impact.

The handling was not too bad and the team continued to make good progress up the field with no further dramas finishing 5th overall and first in P4 in both the National and Regional events. A great result concidering the strength of the entry and the teams start position.

This finish, beating the other P4 runners has helped block any other title chasers from getting top points and therefore protects Scott's position at the top of the Western Canadian Rally Champoinship, Canadian National Rally Championship and the North American Rally Championship in the Production 4 Class.

RSport Would like to thank: Dragon Optical, Richmond Auto Body, Ad-Print "the decal people", Pacific Parts.


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