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December 8, 1999
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Widget Navigator Teams up with Jose Mercado
for the Ramada Express International Rally

Thousand Oaks, California -- John Dillon announced today that he will be racing with Jose Mercado at the Ramada Express International Rally in Laughlin, Nevada. Anton Musev and Dillon planned to run this event together in the Audi Quattro 4000S that had taken them to the overall victory at the Gorman Ridge Rally last August, but mechanical problems and parts delays kept the two from entering. Thanks to the power of the internet and with the help of rally organizer Ray Hocker, Dillon and Mercado were able to hook up in time for the event.

This will be the second U.S. rally for Mercado, who gained his experience racing in South America. Dillon finished second in the national SCCA PGT co-driver's championship. Coincidentally, Claire Chizma (who >won the PGT championship) navigated for Mercado in his first U.S. Rally, the Treeline Rally last November.

Dillon has proven his versatility by racing with five other drivers this season; Mercado is number six on the list. Both Dillon and Mercado are excited about the Ramada Express International Rally, and look forward to racing to the rim of the Grand Canyon. "Ray Hocker and Roger Allison have put on outstanding rallies for a long time, and last year's Ramada Express Rally was really great," praised Dillon. "Even though we were out standing in the snow part for a while, Bill Nation and I enjoyed ourselves. I think Jose will enjoy the event just as much!"

The team is racing a Toyota Celica GTS originally prepared by Rob Tallini. The car should be a formidable competitor in Group 2.

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