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August 7, 2000
  Contact: Paul Eklund
503-699-0311 ext 134 or

Racing Imprezas Converge on Morries' Subaru in Minnesota

Minnetonka, MN -- Primitive Racing's Screaming Yellow USX and Hairpin Racing's Group A Impreza arrived at Morrie's Subaru in Minnetonka this weekend as planned, joining Rocket Racing's PGT class Impreza on the showroom floor.

These cars will be on display for the next 3 weeks leading up to an Impreza event on Wednesday the 23rd at the dealership just prior to the start of the Ojibwe Forest ProRally. Sponsored by Morrie's Subaru and, this event will allow the press, media and enthusiasts see the development of Subaru performance in US rallying and give a peek at the potential of the 2002 model Impreza with its turbocharged performance package.

Lee Shadbolt has been rallying the Impreza longer than anyone else in US performance rallying, and now has converted his car to Group A specifications including a 2.0 liter WRX engine. He and his Hairpin Racing Team will provide a short presentation on the features of the Impreza and how the road car lends itself to rallying. He and co-driver Bob Sherman will also be available during the day to answer technical questions about putting a rally car together. Lee is a mechanical engineer and member of SAE (Society for Automotive Engineers).

Paul Eklund took a few years off of driving and was Lee's co-driver for 1997 and 1998 in a stock Impreza, winning the Production GT Co-driver's championship in '98. Last year he returned to driving behind the wheel of the potent Impreza USX rallycar prepared by Primitive Racing complete with a 2.2 liter intercooled, turbocharged motor and took 6th overall at his first rally and a podium finish at his second National event (Wild West). Early this year, Eklund won the prestigious Alcan 5000 winter rally with teammates R. Dale Kraushaar and Larry Richardson in a stock Impreza 2.5RS.

Paul and his co-driver Scott Huhn will be available the afternoon of the 23rd to answer questions on how to get into ProRally and how to assemble a successful team without spending a ton of money.

Patrick Richard is the "James Brown" of rallying, meaning he is the hardest working man in performance rallying, participating in both the Canadian and US National Championships--and winning. He drives an Impreza 2.5RS harder, and flies it farther, than anyone else on the circuit. His Rocket Racing team has criss-crossed the continent getting to events on both coasts.

For more information on this "Imprezzive" event, contact Scott Putnam at Morrie's (612) 544-0376 or visit his terrific website at

Current plans call for a webcast of the evening's activities, demonstrations of the rallycars' performance, giveaways from Primitive Enterprises, and a media question and answer session. Plan now to attend.

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