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April 25, 2006
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Jagged Edge Motorsports competes at Oregon Trail Rally

Grass Valley California -- The Jagged Edge Motorsports team from Grass Valley California competed at the Oregon Trail Rally April 20-23 2006.

The weekend started with an appearance at the "Rally Fest" held in downtown Portland at the Pioneer Courthouse Square. This was a great success and allowed the team to debut their new partnership with Rally Net Cast a company in the business of bringing streaming video from the rally car to the home computer as on demand same day coverage.

This rally also saw the debut of Jagged Edge Motorsport Team Manager Karen Wagner as a novice co-driver with Scott Kovalic in a PGT Mitsubishi Talon.

The Jagged Edge Dodge Neon driven by Sans Thompson with co-driver Craig Marr suffered a race ending crash on the second stage. "I don't know what happened really"stated Sans, "The car turned into the corner perfectly then the next thing I knew we were into a pole at the top end of 3rd gear. It kind of felt like we broke a shock, but we wont know until we get it apart sometime next week. It was a big loss for us and now really keeps the pressure on us for the Group 2 National Championship and continues to keep a huge amount of pressure on us to defend the National 2 Wheel Drive Championship". Sans goes on to say, "We will get the car repaired for Maine and I'm now pursuing the possibility of renting a car for Pennsylvania, guess we will have to wait and see whats available out there."

On the positive side of things Team Manager Karen Wagner had her first outing as a co-driver in the regional event finishing 4th in class and 2nd novice co-driver. "I went to this rally with 3 goals" says Karen, "to finish, have fun, and gain experience, I accomplished that. We are discussing when my next event will be, I want to co-drive another event or two before I step into the drivers side of our Dodge Neon later in the year".

"Karen did a great job under some fairly trying conditions" says Sans Thompson, Jagged Edge principal driver, "we brought Erick Hauge, many times National Champion, up to help her with the co-driving particulars, and after I crashed out I tried to help her with keeping the right mental attitude to help get a finish under her belt. We are proud of Karen, she did a great job, and we expect more great things from her in the future."

Sans goes on to say "Craig has to have some shoulder surgery soon which will take him out of the car for a bit, so we have had the discussion about her co-driving the next 2 events for me, we will see how that works out. We want to run a 2 car team for 2007 with Karen driving one, and I think it is essential to learn co-driving to be a competitive driver. She has shown she has the stuff to be a co-driver, so now we need to get her experience."

Jagged Edge Motorsport wishes to thank
Rally Net
Speed Toys .com
Ronnie Arnold
Erick Hauge

And a special thanks to Mike Irby and Todd Lengacher for keeping Karen's car together and safe.

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