Team Harco PRO Rally Team

Scott Harvey, Jr
Waterford, MI
Age: 39
Design Engineer, employed by ITT Automotive
First PRO Rally: 1981

Albert Zifilippo
Mt. Clemens, MI
Age: 37
Graphic Artist, employed by Chrysler Corp.
First PRO Rally: 1992

1975 Dodge Colt, U2/G2 class, 2.0 liter (~175 bhp), RWD, 20 + year old GoodYear rally tires. Car was run in 1975 and 1976 in the SCCA and NAR(R)A rally series by Scott Sr.

Team Harco is the divisional PRO Rally team of Scott Harvey, Jr and Al Zifilippo. Scott is the son of the first PRO Rally champion in the United States. (Scott Sr won the 1973 PRO Rally championship). The Team Harco PRO Rally car is the same 1975 Dodge Colt which was campaigned by Scott Sr when it was new.

Scott Jr's first PRO Rally was in 1981 (with dad navigating). A 6th overall marked his debut. Since then Scott has competed on a limited basis, averaging only about one (divisional) PRO Rally per year. A lack of funding has been the limiting factor. The team has shown great potential and has had many top ten finishes over the years.

Most recently the team took 1st in U2 and 3rd overall, at the Lockwood Lake Divisional PRO Rally in Atlanta, MI (June 15, 1997). The team hope to compete in many more events; finances permitting.

Scott and Al first teamed-up to run their first rallies in 1992. Starting in road rallies to develop a working relationship, the two went on to claim the Detroit Region SCCA class championship in Stock class in '92 and '93. Scott and Al have run several PRO Rallies in Michigan and Ohio since that initial run in 1992. All finishes were in the top ten with only one DNF (due to sliding sideways down a bank when nearly stopped; in Ohio - long story, but a good one).

Team Harco participates in many forms of motorsport. PRO Rally is by far the most enjoyable; though a great deal of satisfaction is gained from the autocross Colt which Team Harco campaigns. The 1976 Colt was a P class PRO Rally car many years ago, but has been transformed into a little screaming road racer. The car was built (by Scott Jr) to the E-Prepared SCCA Solo II rules. Scott Jr has driven this car to series championships in the Detroit area each of the last three years.

Scott Jr has also done well in ice racing with studded tires on the old rally Colt. These studded tires have as much history as anything else in the Team Harco stable - they were worn by the Plymouth Valiant which Scott Sr used on the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally. Each year the Michigan Sports Car Club (MSCC) hold several ice runs on Loon Lake in Waterford, MI. The old Colt is a good ice racer, even with the historic tires.

Team Harco also competes in a number of road rallies. The E class team of Scott Jr and Jim Mickle, look to be in good shape to take the CenDiv and Detroit region championships for 1997. The car used for these rallies is Scott's, daily driver, 1991 Eagle Talon.

Team Harco competes in 20 to 30 events each year, in a variety of forms. What the team lacks in finances, they try to make up for with meticulous car preparation and driving skill. PRO Rally is Team Harco's favorite form of motorsport, but expenses have limited the number of times and the level at which they are able to compete.

Inquiries or further information on Team Harco (including issues of the Team Harco newsletter "Off The Line") should be addressed to:

Team Harco Motorsports
c/o Scott Harvey, Jr.
221 Ormsby
Waterford, MI 48327
(248) 683-0207

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