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Stacy, Minnesota

Vehicle Info:#83, Group N Subaru WRX, 2.0 Liter 5 speed AWD
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Mark Utecht Driver - Mark Utecht:
If you have been anywhere near the Land O'Lakes Region of the Sports Car Club of America in the past few years, you have probably seen him, or at least one of his cars. It doesn't matter whether it's on pavement, sand, gravel or even ice. You may be wondering who he is and where he is going. His name is Mark Utecht and he loves to race. He has participated in SCCA Performance Rally, SCCA Club Racing, Autocrossing and Ice Racing. The Stacy, MN resident always seems to find a way to race -- on any surface and at any time of the year.

Mark credits his wife, Mary, with his ability to devote so much time to racing. As he put it, "Mary is the reason I can do any of this. She supports, enjoys and motivates our race efforts. I sometimes wonder if she likes it more than I do." Mark and Mary own a warranty consulting business that processes claims for several new car dealerships. He has been in that field for several years.

Mark started in Performance Rally with friend and co-driver Paul Schwerin. Working together in a Dodge Omni GLH, they won the LoL Regional O2 class, Divisional O2 and SuperD O2 in 1997. The best finish of their career together came at Magnum Opus, a Coefficient 3, where they won the event overall. Mark has also had Diane Sargent as a co-driver. In 1999, they had a year full of bad rally luck including one incident that totaled the car. They still did well enough to capture the LoL Group 5 championship. In 2000 and 2001, Brenda Lewis joined the team as co-driver and that combination worked so well that they won championships in both years with multiple single event class wins. The 2000 season was a rollercoaster ride that included a roll-over and wheels falling off. The season ended in a National championship in G5 and the win for the prestigious Woodner Cup for the fastest 2 wheel drive rally team in the nation. The 2001 season held another National championship, this time in PGT. Both seasons, Mark and Brenda were also able to capture the ClubRally championships for the Central Division of SCCA.

In 2003, Mark and co-driver Jeff Secor had a battle royal in the hotly contested Group N class. Unfortunately, on the last day of the last rally of the season, they rolled the car and lost the GN championship. However, they were the highest placed true independent team in the 2003 Overall SCCA ProRally Championship finishing 5th behind two factory Mitsubishis, one factory Subaru and the Air Force Reserve Ford Focus (all members of the Manufacturers Council).

Jeff Secor Co-driver - Jeff Secor:
"Jeffie" began co-driving in 1997 with good friend Colin McCleery in Colin's Group 5 Ford Sierra, but his interest in motorsports and rallying began long before that. As a child, Jeff's grandfather and father took him to Indianapolis, M.I.S. and a number of other racing venues in the Midwest. The hook was set.

In 1986 Jeff joined the Furrin Group, a sports car club based in western Michigan. From there he began running gimmick and TSD rallies, autocrosses and ice races. He also joined the SCCA and started working corners and marshaling at many rallies in Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio. It was through the Furrin Group that Jeff met his wife Deb (Boris), who had also been a ralliest, co-driving and driving in several events a few years earlier.

In 1995, with the help of fellow Furrin Grouper Bob Shedd, Jeff built a vintage Formula-Vee car. One year later Jeff's driving instructor was none other than Vic Elford, the 1968 winner of the Monte Carlo Rally. "I remember the school well," said Jeffie, "There were about 60 of us in all and I think Vic gave me more time talking rally at the bar than all the other students combined. It was easy to see that he still had a passion for rallying almost 30 years on."

Jeff became the 1998 O2 Class Champion Co-driver in the Central Division of the SCCA and repeated the honor in Group 5 in 2001.

When not co-driving for Colin, Jeff has co-driven for a number of other drivers including Brian Vinson, Russ Hodges, and Gail Truess. He even drove in two Canadian Nationals in his 1991 VW Gti Production class car; "Rally of the Tall Pines in November of 2001 & 2002 w/ Mark calling the notes! "It was a chance for me to experience what a driver goes through, and it was very educational."

Jeff is a classically trained musician and teaches geography. When not rallying, he can often be found autocrossing with Deb or his dad. "My dad and I both have Mazda RX-7's and just have a blast racing around the pylons." Jeff and Deb also enjoy sailing and cross country skiing. Deb comes to many events and assists with service. Jeff and Deb live in Hudsonville, Michigan with their German shorthaired pointer "Molly" and black lab "Abbie". His favorite rally driver is Juha Kankkunen and favorite co-drivers are Juha Pironen and Nicky Grist.

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