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Team Honda Research is a team of automotive engineers employed by Honda R&D Americas, Inc. During work hours, the team members are design and research engineers responsible for the development of Honda’s American-produced vehicles. After hours, we are working together to pursue our personal motorsports interests.

These interests include rallying (Michelin SCCA PRO Rally), Road Racing (SCCA Club Racing), Autocross (SCCA Solo2), and Motorcycle Endurance Racing (WERA Endurance Series).

Team Honda Research is NOT a "works" effort. Instead, it is an after-hours, personal activity supported by Honda R&D for the benefit of the employees involved.


Team Honda Research began PRO Rally competition in 1996 with a '93 Acura Integra GS-R. The team of Jay Kowalik and Jeff Wheeler competed in 5 events during the 1996 season with the Integra, as well as our second car, a '96 Civic EX Sedan. Our best result was an overall win at the Ski Sawmill/Rally Right event in Pennsylvania.

Throughout the 1997 season, the Civic competed in 11 events, completing 10. Eight different team members sat in the driver seat, the co-driver seat, or both. All of these members now have National PRO Rally licenses. 1997 was an exceptional learning year for the entire team. The opportunity to experience PRO Rally first-hand was the best possible way to understand what is necessary to prepare and campaign a successful car. Our best results in 1997 included three 2nd place finishes in Production class by three different drivers as well as 1st in U2 (4th overall) at the Ski Sawmill/Rally Right.

For 1998, the team has prepared two new cars. Both are Civic Coupe HX models with Honda's Low-Emission-Vehicle (LEV) certified 1.6L engine. One of these will run in Production class with Honda's Multimatic continuously variable transmission (CVT), while the other will compete in Group 2.

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Civic Coupe HX CVT Civic Coupe HX 5 Speed
Production Class #15 Group 2 #71
Jay Kowalik Scott Embree Bryan Hourt Brian Shanfeld
Human Factors Research Engineer Suspension Research Engineer Safety & Crash Test Research Engineer Human Factors Research Engineer
London, Ohio Dublin, Ohio Hilliard, Ohio Hilliard, Ohio
Age: 29 Age: 25 Age: 26 Age: 25
Experience: Experience: Experience: Experience:
10 PRO Rallies (Driver) 3 PRO Rallies (Co-driver) 2 PRO Rallies (Driver) 1 PRO Rally (Driver)
1 PRO Rally (Co-driver) 1 PRO Rally (Co-driver) 1 PRO Rally (Co-driver)

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