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Brennan's 3 Bee's Of Tech


Plan to arrive at Tech soon after opening.The lines are shorter and you will have time to correct a problem if necessary. Have service crew follow you and stay with you just in case any repairs are required. Look at other teams cars while standing in line, it's possible to pick up some good ideas. If you see something you like, ask questions. It's also a good way to introduce yourself when you are new in the sport.


Have your car ready to pass tech when you arrive at the rally!!! Don't expect the tech inspector to have pity on you just because you have just traveled thousands of miles to get to the rally. If you have a serious safety problem you will not be allowed to start until the car is repaired, and that might be impossible to do at the last minute. Have all papers filled out when you get to tech (log book, tech form). If possible, have both driver and co-driver helmets with you. This is important! You won't be allowed to start until both helmets have been checked.


Wash the car! Clean the engine! Clean the interior! Do anything you can to make your car as pretty as possible! Why?? Because it says I'm Ready!!! Think about it. If you were doing tech and someone showed up in line with a car with waxed wheels, chances are all of the important stuff has been taken care of!

Ed Brennan 1995

© Copyright 1995 Ed Brennan

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