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June 1999

Answers and Scoreboard for: 1987 Centennial PRO Rally.

1. Which Marque won Group A? - Mazda

2. Who was Steve Laverty's Driver? - Scott Child

3. Who was Mike Grieb's Co-Driver? - Ernest Carpenter

4. Which Driver won PGT? - Doug Shepherd

5. Who was Doug Shepherd's Co-Driver? - R. Dale Krashaar

6. Who was Erik Hauge's Driver? - Paul O'Kane

7.Which Driver won Group A? - Rod Millen

8. Which Marque won Production? - Audi *See note!

*The winning marque for Production was an Audi 4000 Quattro,
Paul Choiniere was the driver, Scott Weinheimer co-driver,
somehow it was left off the list of choices for question #8,
so everyone got a credit of 10 points for that one...


Name		      Score	Date Rec.
Lee Sorenson	       100	06/01  *
Dave Clark	       100	06/03  *
Andy English		60	06/30
Rick Thompson		50	06/01
Jim Konkler		50	06/02 
Erik Zenz	  	50	06/03 
Stew Allen		50	06/08 
Jeff Secor		40	06/18 
Marty Allen		30	06/02 

* Date used as tie-breaker

Nice work this month by Lee and Dave, glad to see many of the "regulars" still playing these single month games.
This was the last of the three "stand alone" games, next month starts a new six month series.
We have a pile of new (old) results courtesy of Don Rathgeber, so it should be fun.

Good luck and thanks for playing Rally Trivia!

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