ATR Racing

1993 Honda Civic Dx Hatchback

Production 1750 Class Rally Car

Driver: Andrew Miller
Co-driver: Tom Mahoney


	Model:		Honda Civic Dx 

 	Year:		1993

	Body Style:	Hatchback

	Roll Cage:	Custom FIA approved, welded to unibody and suspension pickups

	Skid Plate:	Custom designed by ATR Engineering

	Engine:		1.5L 16V SOHC 4 cylinder

	Intake:		ATR Engineering HiFlow Cold Air System (HFCAS)

	Exhaust:	Custom highflow cat-back system designed by ATR Engineering

	Suspension:	Bilstein inserts with adjustable ride height coilover springs;
			Rollcage reinforcing suspension mounts;
			Adjustable front shock tower brace

	Tires:		Dirt: Yokohama GR-17 Rally 165/55/13
			Snow: Yokohama
			Tarmac: Dunlop SP8000 195/50/15

	Lights:		4 Bosch Rally Lights, 130W each; factory Honda high beams

	Wiring:		Custom

	Rally Computer:	Alfa Pro

	Interior:	Stock Honda Civic Dx, except:

	Seats:		Cobra Race

	Harnesses:	G-Force 3" 6-point camlock

	Communications:	TerraPhone    

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