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Co-Driver and Team Engineer
Team Terra

Born and bred in the 5th largest city in the United States, Ben was exposed to many cultures and activities as he grew up. While Philadelphia has the largest intercity park system in the world, driving cars through the forests is not a common occurance in the City of Brotherly Love. So how did PRO Rally become such a large part of his life?

Like many other high school aged teens, drivers license fresh off the presses, Saturday night was spent down at the local drag racing hangouts. Big American iron was the rage. As much as Ben liked the speed and acceleration of the musclecars, there still was something missing.

Entering college, Ben was introduced to a local SCCA racer. Along with his training in mechanical engineering, Ben was learning the ins and outs of BMW racecars. Going to every event that the local racer entered, Ben was picking up experience that would form the groundwork for his future. At this point Ben knew that racing was going to be more than just a hobby for him.

Seasons passed and Ben graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. Ben eschewed standard job offers that would strand him at a drafting table designing door latches for a living. A job opening at a leading automotive publisher brought the experience gained in racing, the engineering training and a love for writing together.

Answering a classified in the local newletter of the BMW club was the introduction of Team Terra to Ben. Being well familiar with the workings of BMW roadracing cars, the concept of racing a BMW on dirt roads was an interesting prospect worthy of exploring. Heading to the Team Terra garage one night just for a looksee was the end of Ben the roadracer. Enter Ben the rallyist.

Joining on as a crew member, Ben spent the 1991 season going to all the PRO Rally events vacation and sick time would allow. The world of PRO Rally was a new experience to be learned. Turning wrenches and tweaking the Team Terra BMW 2002 was the order of the day. The 1992 season had co-driver Keith Kreisler leave to form his own team. Rick asked Ben if he was interested in trying on the co-driver seat for size.

The 1992 season was a good year. Rick and Ben worked well as a driver/co-driver pair. The synergy that Team Terra as a whole has extended into the drivers compartment and made for a dynamic pairing. Knowing that co-driving was his job to do without any real desire to be a driver makes Ben a rariety in PRO Rally circles. Many starting co-drivers see the right seat a stepping stone to the left seat. Ben intends to become one of the best co-drivers in the PRO Rally series.

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