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Driver and Team Manager
Team Terra

Dirt roads and the driven wheel have always held certain attractions to Rick. From his mother's ill used Chevy station wagon in high school, to one of Uncle Sam's 52 ton M48 tanks in Southeast Asia, Rick has always enjoyed the wild ride.

While still in high school, Rick tested his first competition in an MGA on a few of Pennsylvania's famed hill climbs and later, as business and family allowed, Autocross in BMW 2002's. Rally as a way of life began one evening in June in the Pennsylvania forests as a worker at Susquehanna Trails Pro Rally 1988. One year of co-driving, six years of driving and two BMWs later, Rick has matured into a seasoned top ranked rally competitor.

To his credit is a National Seed Two ranking, a Manufacturer's trophy in Group A, two consecutive second in class Group A season wins and numerous first in class National finishes. Rick has competed in over fifty National and International events from Jamaica to Nova Scotia.

Over the past six years, Rick has campaigned only BMWs in motorsport tricolor and carrying the Bavarian shield logo of Otto's BMW of West Chester, PA. A venerable 2002 provided experience during the training wheel early years gave way to an M3; better suited to the speed and endurance of the last three growing years.

One of Rick's goals is making the motorsport of PRO Rally more popular here in the U.S. of A. He has written numerous articles besides three covers and accompanying features for ROUNDEL Magazine, the glossy monthly of the 75,000 member BMW Car Club of America. "Rally is the soccer of motorsport, the rest of the world goes nuts over it", is one of his favorite slogans. Rick believes in being at the right place at the right time and sees rally racing as the motorsport of the twenty first century.

Besides being an up and coming professional rally driver, Rick is a seasoned professional photographer in advertising and corporate markets, specializing in still life, food and of course, automotive assignments to major corporations and their advertising agencies. His daughters, Bronwen and Morgan and partner for life, Elizabeth Thomas, provide moral support, friendly advice and reality checks as needed.

Rick looks forward to a new season in a new car, the M powered 318ti and the tough competition in a hot new open class, Group 5.

Rick can be reached at:

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