BMW 318ti
1995 BMW 318ti

Group 5 Class PRO Rally Car

Photo by Brian Hollingsworth

Driver:     Rick Davis
Co-driver:  Ben Greisler


        Length:                   4089.4 mm (161")
	Width:                    1600.2 mm (63")
	Height:                   1371.6 mm (54")
	Wheelbase:                2700 mm (106.3")
	Front Track:              1407.2 mm (55.4")
	Rear Track:               1412.2 mm (55.6")
	Weight:                   5676 kg (2,580 lbs.)
	Engine:                   6-cylinder, 3.0 Liter, M-power,
                                  Racing Dynamics chip
	Driveline:                BMW
	Power:                    240 BHP @ 6800 RPM
                                  240 FT/LBS @ 5500 RPM
	Transmission:             5-speed, close ratio, BMW, stock
	Suspension:               Front:  Fabricated strut with
                                          Bilstein dampers, Eibach
                                          springs, stock lower control arms
                                  Rear:   Trailing arm modified for
                                          Penske dampers, Eibach springs
	Steering:                 Stock BMW
	Chassis:                  BMWti, seam welded, multi-point
                                  rollcage with pickups for front and rear
	Brakes:                   Tilton masters 3/4", bias
                                  adjustment, proportioning valve,
                                  BMW/Teves single pot caliper on all
	Tires:                    Compomotive 15 X 6.5" alloys with
                                  Michelin Pilot rally tires

	Electrics/Lights:         Custom and modified BMW electrics
                                  incorporating circuit breakers, 6 PIAA
                                  driving lamps     

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