Biography Jowi Odero-Jowi


TPi Rally Team
'90 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX - Production GT


1994 - 3rd Overall U2 (under 2000cc) SW/MID Division
1995 - 1st Overall U2 SW/MID Division - Runner-up U2 Divisional Runoffs
1996 - 1st U2 SW/MID Division
1998 - 1st GT Prescott Forest Rally

Jowi first got involved in rallying in 1985 by volunteering to work as a service crew leader for Patrick Njiru who is now a semi-works Subaru rally driver.

In October 1990 Jowi made his debut as a driver driving a 1973 Toyota Corolla TE27 in a Divisional rally in Paris, Texas, USA. He contested a few events from 1990 to November 1995 with considerable success. In 1996 and 1997 he did not compete in any rallies.

For 1998 Jowi has prepared a Production GT Class Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX and plans to compete in as many National and select Divisional events as the teams' limited budget allows.

With product support from Thermal Research & Development (performance exhaust systems), GAB/Wings Corp., USA (suspension components) and Earl's Performance Products (competition plumbing), the team looks forward to a successful year and hopes to attract major sponsors. Team TPi's Internet media services and website are courtesy of AIRS, Inc. (on-line real estate foreclosure information systems - serving Dallas-Ft.Worth, TX).

Jowi currently lives in Arlington, Texas, USA, where he works as a DiamondPro certified master automotive technician and attends college at night. He is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering.

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