1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

Production GT PRO Rally Car

Driver: Jowi Odero-Jowi


MANUFACTURER:		Diamond Star Motors

MARQUE:			Mitsubishi

MODEL:			Eclipse GSX

ENGINE:			4-cylinder, 16-valve, DOHC, 2.0 liter turbocharged
			with air-to-air intercooler

EXHAUST SYSTEM:		Thermal Research & Development 3" turbo-back system 

POWER:			250+ HP @ 5800 rpm

DRIVELINE:		All-wheel drive with viscous coupling center and rear differentials

TRANSMISSION:		Stock 5-speed manual

LENGTH:			4330mm (170.5in)

WIDTH:			1690mm (66.5in)

HEIGHT:			1347mm (53.0in)

WHEEL BASE:		2470mm (97.2in)

TRACK	    -FRONT:	1465mm (57.7in)
	    -REAR:	1450mm (57.1in)

WEIGHT:			1318kg (2900lbs)

SUSPENSION  -FRONT:	GAB twin tube high-pressure gas McPherson struts with uprated coil springs

	    -REAR:	GAB single tube high-pressure gas struts with uprated coil springs

BRAKES	    -FRONT:	Stock ventilated disc

	    -REAR:	Stock solid disc

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