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Nicholas Robinson (Driver) Carl Lindquist (Co- Driver)

Nick and co-driver Carl Lindquist of Zainsfield, Ohio are part of the Team Honda Research PRO Rally Team. Nick and Carl are both Research Engineers at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. On their first National outing at the recent Maine Forest Rally, they finished first in Seed 6, fourth in Group 2 and 20th overall of the 61 cars entered.

Earlier in the season they competed in the Rally Right XI Divisional PRO Rally in Morris, PA, part of the Ski Sawmill PRO Rally School, where they finished 13th in class and 29th overall. Internationlly they competed in the Orillia Swift Bear Regional Rally in Canada placing 3rd in class and 14th overall. Previous to that they drove in the Magnum Opus Divisional Rally in Michigan last October with a fourth in class U2 and ninth overall result.

Future rally plans include:
  • 1998 Rally of the Voyageurs (Canadian National)
  • Orillia Swift Bear Rally (in October)
  • Would like to compete in a snow rally
  • Currently running the 1997 Honda Civic 4-door known around the Honda Team as 'Old Faithful', they have plans to upgrade the stock Honda engine for more power.

    Nick says, "Our driving goals are to remain incident free and finish all of the rallies entered. I want to approach the edge of my driving limit slowly and try not to overstep my ability".

    In his spare time Nick, 25, enjoys Porsche club driving events, mountain cycling and spending time with my wife, Kristin.

    THR's sponsors include:

    Honda Motor CompanyBenderís Race Cars
    Hella Inc.Red Line Oil Inc.
    Transportation Research CenterSusquehanna Motorsports
    Snap-On Tools

    Nick con be contacted at:
    Phone 937-645-6308

    Honda R&D Americas, Inc.21001 State Route 739, Raymond, OH 43026

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