Rally Rhybudd Racing
Phil and Dallas (Pam) Smith
Upper Sandusky, Ohio

1999 - RRR's first foray into stage rallying began at the RallyRight Ski Sawmill school and rally. Despite suspension, overheating, and oil pressure problems, we finish and gain our National license. STPR is our next event, where we finish and move to Seed 5 status. Overheating and oil pressure problems continue to plague the grossly overbored motor in the car, but the package seems to work reasonably well. We miss out on going to Maine due to problems with the engine rebuild.

Press On Regardless 50th Anniversary TSD Rally in September results in a trashed engine due to a broken rocker shaft, as well as some minor body surface rearrangements. LSPR is the next, and our final, event for 1999. We again finish, to the surprise of many who don't expect this of a 35 year old British car. Even the heater worked well enough to prevent frostbitten toes and fingers.

Plans for the 2000 Season - Assuming several niggling problems with the car are well enough sorted, RRR tentatively plans to be at SnoDrift, STPR, either Maine or Prescott, and LSPR in 2000. Divisional rallies will be run as time and budget allow. We also are planning a session with Team O'Niel and a return to RallyRight next year.

Phil - 41 years old, driver. Chief constructor and mechanic for Rally Rhybudd Racing. Where there's rally money to be spent, he figures out how to do it. It is his job to keep the car on the road, rubber side down. When not working in his shop, Smith MG Garage, he finds time to make a living as a gynecologist in Sycamore, Ohio.

Dallas - 41 years old, co-driver. Keeper of the Exchequer and Guarantor of The Retirement. An excellent vintage navigator, she is able to run a Curta and change Z-gears at speed. Never shrieks when trees and rocks intrude into her door. She runs the show and makes sure Phil is at the ATC on time. Major accomplishment - puts up with Phil's rally ideas.

Rhybudd - 1968 MGBGT. Bodyshell modified to resemble Mark I MGBGT, imitating the only MGBGT that the MG factory prepared for competition, LBL591E. In an effort to squeak out triple digit horsepower numbers, engine modifications are made resulting in Group 2 classification. Engine is overbored to nearly 2 liters, and otherwise is built to a "fast road/rally" specification. Front suspension is largely stock, but rear lever-arm dampers are replaced with a tube shock conversion. At this point, it is not clear that this is an improvement. This car is, to our knowledge, the only MG currently rallying, and is possibly the oldest car currently participating in SCCA ProRally.

1987 - Non-car-enthusiasts Phil and Dallas Smith buy a 1966 MGB to take a "Zen Trip," spending 6 weeks on the road camping that summer. They get interested in MGs, sports cars, and car club events.

1988 - Phil Smith meets Lou Batori, former European motorcycle champion, rallymaster of the MG 1000 and frequent participant in the Shell 4000. The interest is piqued, and Lou donates his vintage rally gear to our cause.

1987-1996 - Phil and Dallas run their MGBGT in Vintage class in regional TSD rallies, growing to prefer the "brisk" variety. Eric Jones is encountered and becomes a mentor. He opines we need to do ProRally before the lawyers shut it down.

1996 - The Smiths' daily driver '66 MGBGT meets a large rock at Press On Regardless (TSD), and this raises the question, if we're going to rally, let's build a proper rally car and go rally!

1998-1999 - A junkyard body shell, a donor '68 MGBGT, and a bazillion hours later, and an MGBGT ProRally car is on the road. Nobody knows how to build a vintage stage rally car, so there is much trial and tribulation throughout this process! Rally Rhybudd Racing is created.

Rally Rhybudd Racing encourages the return to stage rallying of vintage rally cars. With few exceptions (e.g., Datsun 510), vintage cars are not likely to offer serious competition to modern rally cars, but do provide the same challenges and enjoyment.

Message to potential sponsors - No, we aren't likely to win, but our machine is unique in a field of modern jellybean designs. It never fails to attract the spectators' attention. After all, EVERYBODY either owned an MG or wished they had.

To contact Rally Rhybudd Racing:

Phone: 419-927-4082
Fax: 419-927-6500
E-mail: mgpsmith@udata.com
Website: www.rhybudd.com

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