Rallye Rhybudd Racing

1968 MGBGT
Group 2 Rally Car

Driver:Phil Smith
Co-driver:Dallas (Pam) Smith
Rhybudd - 1968 MGBGT. Bodyshell modified to resemble Mark I MGBGT, imitating the only MGBGT that the MG factory prepared for competition, LBL591E. In an effort to squeak out triple digit horsepower numbers, engine modifications are made resulting in Group 2 classification. Engine is overbored to nearly 2 liters, and otherwise is built to a "fast road/rally" specification. Front suspension is largely stock, but rear lever-arm dampers are replaced with a tube shock conversion. At this point, it is not clear that this is an improvement. This car is, to our knowledge, the only MG currently rallying, and is possibly the oldest car currently participating in SCCA ProRally.


BODY:1968 MGBGT bodyshell, modified to resemble early MGBGT bodyshell. Complete replacement/repair of all rusted panels, stitch and seam welded. Reinforced seat mountings, 1/4" plate welded in for harness mounts. Cage fabricated by Mark Keegan, Clyde, Ohio. All lines/wiring run inside bodyshell. 12 gallon Fuelsafe fuelcell mounted under aluminum bulkhead in stock spare tire location. Fuel filler moved to left C-pillar (a la LBL581E). Front crossmember, sump and bell housing protected behind 3/16" 6061T6 aluminum skid plate.
INTERIOR:Early MGB (metal) dash and instrumentation. MotoLita steering wheel. Trim minimized. Corbeau Clubman seating. Custom-sewn door panels (Dallas Smith).
RALLY INSTRUMENTATION:Halda Tripmaster (for stage rally use); Halda Twinmaster, Wachman stopwatch (for TSD use).
AXLES/SUSPENSION:Front - Stock crossmember and suspension with uprated valving in lever arm dampers, negative camber A-arms. MGB V8 bushings. Stock MGBGT springs. No anti-roll bar.
Rear - Early MGB Tourer rear axle with 4.33 Quaife/4.55 clutchpack LSD diffs. AHC21 factory rally rear leaf springs supplemented with extra leaf. Spax tube shock conversion (likely to be replaced with factory competition adjustable lever arm dampers to return suspension travel). Delrin shackle and spring bushings. No anti-roll bar.
BRAKES:Converted to dual circuit (front/rear) with Tilton valve on rear circuit. Front - Stock MGB with Mintex MGBGT V8 pads. Rear - Stock MGB with Kevlar shoes. Planning upgrade by replacing drums with disc brakes.
ENGINE:MGB B-series block with standard 5-port head, est. 115 hp output. Overbore 0.120", J&E 83 mm pistons. Late MGB con rods, reconditioned and modified for pistons by Bob Yarwood. 9:1 compression ratio. Stock crankshaft, recip. parts fully balanced, 17# flywheel. Uprated stock-type clutch. Cam grind is a scatter version of APT VP14. Late MGB lifters and pushrods. Cam timed at 103 deg., 4 deg. advanced. Valves - Rimflow, 1.44/1.65". Stock MGB dual valve springs. Carbs - Dual 1.75 SU, SY needles, Blue springs. K&N filters. Exhaust - Peco Rally 2" wrapped headers and exhaust, skidded muffler. Head - Polished/ported per Vizard guidelines.
WHEELS/TIRES:Presently stock steel wheels and Michelin M&S tires (hey, they were cheap to learn on!).
Plan to upgrade to Panasport wheels and proper rally tires this winter.
LIGHTING/ELECTRICS:Stock early MGB wiring harness, modified to suit. Delco 100 amp alternator fitted. Headlamps - Hella H4, 100/80 watt. Rallylamps - Hella Rally 2000 x 2, driving pattern, 100 watt; IPF SuperRally x 2, pencil beams, 120 watt. Interior lighting separate from main power line to car. Stock MGB starter, distributor; distributor retrofitted with Ignitor electronic ignition.

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