Audi Quattro

Audi Quattro

Open Class Pro Rally Car

Driver: Ivan Orisek
Co-Driver: Olga Orisek


Length: 171.5"
Width: 70.25"
Height: 53.4"
Wheelbase: 100.5"
Weight: 2,690 lb
Track: 59.25" front, 58.75" rear

Four door sedan, lightened 4000 S Quattro body, lightened doors, engine hood and trunk lid, plastic side and rear windows, sixteen-point rollcage, front and rear aluminum skid plate

Displacement: 2,308 cc
Bore: 82.5 mm
Stroke: 86.4 mm
Horsepower: 378 hp @ 4,250 rpm, 345 hp @ 5,750 rpm
Torque: 464 lb ft @ 4,250 rpm, 313 lb ft @ 5,750 rpm
Nominal boost: 1.35 bar (19.8 psi)
Boost mapping: 22.5 psi @ 4,000 rpm, 17 psi @ 6,000 rpm
Fuel: 112 to 116 octane

Five cylinders, 10 valves, Group A KKK turbocharger with 40 mm restrictor, Spearco intercooler, modified HKS boost relief valve, stock Audi waste gate with choice of springs, custom made aluminum racing radiator, two oil coolers with external thermostat, modified cast iron block, heavily modified aluminum cylinder head, Schrick 272deg/268deg cam retarded 2 deg, JE pistons, Pauter connecting rods, stock Audi crankshaft, Audi metal sandwich head gasket, Haltech programmable fuel and ignition management system with data logging, APEX electronic boost control, dual Bosch fuel pumps, Mitsubishi injectors modified to deliver 780 cc/min injecting directly over the intake valves, NGK Racing plugs, Accel ignition coil, MSD 8.5 mm ignition wires, Audi electronic distributor, two K&N cone air filters, Audi stock 240 mm clutch, fabricated engine mounts, Bosch 150 amp racing alternator, Westach auxiliary instrumentation for monitoring pressures and temperatures, dash mounted engine knock display, optional water injection using NOS solenoids and jets injecting into throttle body

Stock Audi five speed transmission, locked center differential, open front and lockable rear differential

Springs [lb]: 278 318 375 front, 184 257 306 rear
Dampers [dN]: 380/180 front, 320/140 rear, different set-up for snow

Eibach progressive rate springs, Bilstein racing dampers with digressive valving, fabricated tubular lower control arms with racing bushings, fabricated MacPherson struts front and rear with adjustable spring perches and adjustable camber and caster, shortened steering arms, modified sub frames with aluminum bushings

Girling two piston calipers in front, single piston in rear, ventilated rotors, carbon Kevlar pads, cockpit adjustable proportioning valve

Tires and Wheels:
Michelin 15/65-15 and 17/65-15 on Speedline and Fuchs wheels for gravel, Michelin Alpine, Michelin C3 and C5 and Hakkapeliitta for ice and snow

Engine oil - Redline Racing, transmission - Redline MTL, rear differential - Redline Shock Proof, brake fluid - Motul 600, Evans non-toxic, water-free coolant (propylene glycol) in a non-pressurized system with modified flow in the cylinder head

OMP Seats, Sabelt TRW seat harnesses, Grant 13 steering wheel, Terratrip trip meter, Terraphone intercom, six auxiliary driving lights Hella 3000 and 4000

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