Ford Sierra Cosworth

Team Shrader Rally

Memphis, Tennessee

Garen Shrader Driver, Floyd "Doc" Shrader Co-Driver, 1998 Maine Forest Rally
John Wynn Photo

Car Builder
Dave Clark is a car builder and fellow driver. He has a reputation of meticulous attention to detail. His cars are not only reliable but aesthetically beautiful as well. His last project, the 1995 Toyota Supra that was class champion, attests to his ability to build durable rally cars. The Ford Sierra Cosworth will be one of the most professionally built cars in the series. Dave owns and operates Dave Clark Motorsports in Seattle, Washington.

Team Consultant
Greg and Lynn Lund, from Duval, Washington, have been active in the sport as driver, co-driver, organizer and Greg is currently the National Safety Steward. He has been the project manager and will share his experience and knowledge with the development of this new team. Greg will advise Garen on driving techniques of four wheel drive and work to improve his skills.

Tom Hanlon, of Little Rock, Arkansas, has been active in PRO Rally for many years as a driver, organizer and worker. In addition to the many tasks of service for the car, Tom will be the fitness adviser for the team and will serve as "Fitness Guru".

Crew Chief
The car will be maintained by TAD Motorsports for the 1998 season. Murry Thomas, owner, has contributed to the sport and is well known for his knowledge and skills.

Principal suppliers:
Graham Goode Racing
A P Racing

Team Shrader Rally would like to thank the following people whose efforts made this project possible:
Lynn Lund
Glen at Graham Goode Racing
Rob Hansen at Bayview Limousine Service in Seattle
Andy Schupack and Doug Plumer of Replica Productions for taking our sport to the people and potential sponsors
Our banker, Jack
Ken Stewart for giving up his co-driver

Team Shrader Rally can be reached at:

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