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Rally Trivia Special
(AKA - "Girls have always kicked butt")
April 2003

All Female Rally Teams have been competing in the ProRally Series since it began in the mid 1970's.
Below are twenty teams - there are more - for you to put together. The drivers are listed in chronological order,
the co-drivers are in alphabetical order. Some of the co-drivers have sat with more than one driver so to get a
perfect score you'll need to do some research.

After you play you will be able to see your score - along with everyone else's. Play as many times as you like
but if you don't use a "real" first and last name I will delete your score, so leave the "Cute" chatroom handles at home.

All of the teams that are used can be found in the Rally Racing News Archives
and I only used National level events for the game.

You will be scored 5 points for each correct answer.

Hope you all have fun - edb

Drivers					Co-Drivers  
 1. Paula Miller	 		A. Bonnie Adams  

 2. Essie Perkins	  		B: Marilyn Andreini  

 3. Kelly Brandt 	 		C: Darleen Boris

 4. Paula Ogilby          		D: Cindy Cheatham  
 5. Toni Sullivan 	 		E: Jennifer Cote

 6. Debra Rosin 	 		F: Rachel Ferguson 

 7. Debra Spicer 	  		G: Diane Houseal 

 8. Suzanne French 	 		H: Cindy Krolikowski   

 9. Carolyn Eaton         		I: Karen Landau    

10. Kerry Voll 		 		J: Lisa Lawrence  

11. Louise Aitken			K: Tina Lengacher  

12. Peggy Fields 	  		L: June McKnight  
13. Gail Truess 			M: Ellen Morgan  

14. Shannon Millen 	  		N: Linda Porter   

15. Gail McGuire 	  		O: Cathrine Roso 

16. Lesley Suddard 	  		P: Sue Rueter

17. Janice Damitio	  		Q: Sue Sanderson

18. Kendall Russell 	  		R: Diana Sprague

19. Ilana Rosenshein      		S: Amity Trowbridge   

20. Jamie Thomas	  		T: Cheryl Zilch   

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