1999 Hyundai Tiburon
Paul Choiniere and Jeff Becker, SS#6 STPR 1999 -- Daphne Bogert Photo
Libra Racing's
1999 Hyundai Tiburon
Open Class ProRally Car

Rally History

1995 - Won five rallies en route to fifth championship in six
       years; gave Hyundai its first motorsports championship ever.

1996 - Won championship with new '96 Hyundai Elantra.

1997 - New '97 Hyundai Tiburon - clinched sixth straight national
       title with win in Michigan in October.

1998 - Won Doo Wop, Wild West and Maine; secured 3rd overall for season.

1999 - New '99 Hyundai Tiburon, Won STPR


        Length:                   4440 mm (170.9")

        Width:                    1755 mm (68.1")

        Height:                   1321 mm (52.3")

        Wheelbase:                2542 mm (100.1")

        Wheel Track:
              --Front             1494 mm (58.8")
              --Rear              1489 mm (58.6")

        Weight:                   2480 lbs.

        Driveline:                Hyundai Tiburon converted to all-
                                  wheel-drive; technology from new
                                  HCD III sport-utility vehicle

        Engine:                   Special Hyundai Motor Corporation
                                  4 cylinder, 16 valve
                                  2.0-liter, turbocharged (based on
                                  Hyundai Sonata); water injected
                                  with special intercooler; turbo
                                  and electronic controls by

        Power:                    371 HP @ 5800 RPM

        Torque:                   403 F/LBS @ 4700 RPM

        Transmission:             5-speed close ratio "dog" gear
                                  box; front & rear clutch type
                                  limited slip differentials -
                                  with Libra modified settings,
                                  viscous or locked center

              --Front             ProFlex coil over shocks with
                                  remote reservoirs; spindles
                                  modified for larger wheel
                                  bearings; fabricated lower
                                  control arm and compression strut
                                  of Libra Racing design; upgraded
                                  springs on adjustable platforms

              --Rear              ProFlex shocks with coil over
                                  springs; rear trailing arm with
                                  twin adjustable transverse links

        Steering:                 Standard Hyundai power steering
                                  system modified to give a
                                  "quicker" ratio; steering arms
                                  modified to eliminate "bump"

        Chassis:                  1997 Hyundai Tiburon, fully spot
                                  welded with chrome moly roll cage
                                  tied to suspension pick-up
                                  points.  Modified in front for
                                  transfer box, engine and 4WD;
                                  rear platforms added for 4WD

        Brakes:                   Lockheed 4 piston aluminum
                                  calipers with 12" discs front
                                  and 11" discs rear

        Tires:                    Michelin Special Pilot Rally
                                  tires on 7" Speedline wheels

        Electrics/Lights:         Hand-built wiring loom with
                                  Hella driving lights

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